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The sisters from Of Sound Mind and Spirit with their Friday Night Margaritas
The Sisters from Sound Mind and Spirit with their Friday Night Margaritas

We, Shelly and Lisa, blog here at Of Sound Mind and Spirit about trying to hold it all together -
as  Moms, Wives, Working Women, Catholics.

It's tough.  But we do it all with sisterly bickering, laughter and Friday Night Margaritas!  

Stick with us for discussions on parenting teens, tweens and a toddler (some of those at the same time!), balancing work and family,  living a faith filled life in the everyday world, being part of a loud, opinionated, loving family (SISTERS!), parenting young athletes, loving and supporting our husbands, volunteering in our church, and teaching the faith -  all while trying to get dinner on the table before midnight!


Lisa is an online marketer/social media consultant helping Catholic parishes, businesses and non-profit organizations develop and implement an engaging strategy to develop authentic connections online.  She and her husband, Brian  have a busy household of three teens! When this cradle Catholic is not blogging with her sister, Lisa can be found reading, driving kids, writing, practicing pilates, and cheering at a soccer game.  During the long hot summers in Houston, she is found outside by the pool eating popsicles with her family or at a local tex-mex  restaurant on Friday nights.

Lisa is available for speaking engagements to speak about:
  • Striving for Suburban Sainthood - Finding holiness in the ordinary of our lives.  
  • In Between Sundays: Integrating faith into the day to day family life
  • Gifts for Jesus: Helping your kids discover the true "Reason for the Season" at Advent and Christmas
  • Give for 40: Preparing for the Risen Christ with 40 days of service and sacrifice during Lent
  • Let Your Light Shine: How to amplify your faith filled message online through Social Media in a world full of noise.
  • Of Proven Worth: Identifying your roadblocks to feeling worthy of God's Love.
  • Take the Crazy out of Christmas - Remembering the reason for the season as a parent in the midst of the busy holiday season. 
  • Tips for Engaging Kids during Mass: Practical tips for helping wiggly kids participate in Mass
  • Advent: NOT “The Crazy Busy Season Before Christmas”. Take the ADVENT Challenge! Learn to Simplify the Season and Receive God’s Gift of Advent.
  • Establishing an online presence for your small business or non-profit organization
  • How to get your business, non-profit organization or ministry online and engaged in new media
  • The benefits available to your small business, non-profit organization or ministry by engaging in Social Media platforms
Contact Lisa at SoundMindandSpirit@gmail.com for more details.

Shelly is the other half of the sisters duo found at Of Sound Mind and Spirit. Shelly lives in the Houston suburbs with her husband, Bryan, two active teenage daughters, and a "40th-birthday-surprise" boy.  She spends her weekends at softball tournaments, teaching a daughter to drive and making memories with her now preschool aged son while trying to fit in time to sit on the couch and read a book. 

After an 18 year successful career as a Certified Archivist, Shelly changed jobs to work for the family telecommunications/IT services company. She now oversees their Human Resources and Marketing departments. 

 Shelly may also be found writing about being a Working Mom over at CatholicMom and with her sister on The Secrets of Once Upon a Time at SQPN.   
Shelly's publications include the award-winning Through a Night of Horrors: Voices from the 1900 Galveston Storm (TAMU Press, 2000.)

Shelly is available for speaking engagements to speak about:
  • Being a Catechist for Teens: How Volunteering for Youth Ministry Changed My Life
  • The 1900 Galveston Storm
  • Texas State History Fair: Preparing and presenting an award winning project


Welcome to Of  Sound Mind and Spirit

During the 2008 election cycle, Lisa and I traded emails, news links, and musings on the myriad of issues facing our world. We debated, we reasoned, we traded quips and sarcasm. Although we both kept family blogs, those weren't really the place to share our thoughts with others. Facebook allowed us to reconnect with friends of all backgrounds, but it's not really the place to do more than link to news items that capture our attention. Here we hope to fill that gap we feel is missing.

A few things about us: we're both Catholic, raised during the late 70s, early 80's era of "lost Catholics". After 12 years of CCE we couldn't recite the catechism or discern the difference between a mortal and venial sin, but we knew that "God Loves Us. " It has been as adults, as mothers, raising our children in the Catholic church, that we are experiencing a return to our faith, a need to delve more deeply into what it means to us. Our Spirit of Love.

We were raised to respect authority, but to reason and think for ourselves. Throughout our lives we were told to be independent, and as grown women with families and children we both call ourselves conservative. We respect life, individuality, and personal responsibility. We believe in education, as both of us have upper level degrees - in History and in the Law. Our Spirit of Power.

So here is our place to contemplate the changes facing our society today. We hope that you will follow us as we discuss issues important to our lives.
2 Timothy 1:7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 

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