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39 New Saints You Should Know

Though we’ve been focused on the election, November 1st we observe All Saints Day, the holy day when the Church commemorates all saints, known and unknown.  With over 10,000 named saints throughout church history, it’s not practical to think that we’ll know about all of them, but Brian O’Neel writes about 39 New Saints You Should Know in his book.    This beautifully organized book introduces the reader to men and women canonized or beautified between 1977-2008, providing short biographies of their lives, and ending each chapter with a prayer asking God to help us recognize and emulate that person’s special quality in our own lives. During his papacy, Pope John Paul II canonized 482 and beautified 1339 individuals.    The author highlights 30 Blesseds and 9 Saints, including the powerful stories of Blessed Ignatius Maloyan , martyred in 1915 for not converting to Islam, or Blessed Maria Restituta Kafka , a world-class surgical nurse beheaded by the Nazi party. It is shocking to con

Three New Advent Devotionals for 2020

Wake up and smell the pumpkin spice…. it’s the middle of October and we have only six weeks until Advent starts!   This means it’s time to choose and order an Advent Devotional. Don’t be like me – thinking about it and waiting until you suddenly realize that Advent is the next Sunday.   If ever there was a year to sit with the Word, to Be Still and Know, to ponder and hold everything in your heart, it is 2020.  This year has driven so many of us to our knees in prayer and total surrender to God.  Ave Maria Press offers three new Advent devotionals for your consideration and all three have their merits. There’s one for someone super short on time, one who has a little more opportunity to sit with it, and one that is perfect for the teens in your family.  MESSAGES OF JOY for Advent and Christmas 2020 by Michael White and Tom Corcoran If you’ve never done an Advent devotional and find yourself thinking about it, this is a great opportunity to try one. It’s designed to be a three-minute

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