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St. Martha: A Patron Saint for Working Mothers

For many years I’ve counted on St. Martha as a patron saint of working mothers because she works hard to provide for others. In Luke 10:38-42, upon realizing that she is working alone as others spend time with Jesus she asks, why do I have to serve while others sit at your feet listening? If you’re like me, there is a special affinity to her in this moment, that instead of acknowledging how hard Martha works and directing another to help her, the Lord shows favor to Mary and even chastises Martha (however gently) for being anxious and worried about many things. Like Martha, we also wanted to be recognized, acknowledged, for our hard work, to be invited and able to step away from the serving and rest at the feet of Jesus. And He does not disappoint, though it may come unexpectedly. My invitation came via an ACTS retreat, where He gifted me with my very own Mary moment. That one weekend, unburdened, I sat listening, learning, loving Christ with an open heart for Him to fill me

Stirring Memories into Life

This summer I’ve taken on the task of preparing a history covering almost thirty years (give or take) of a professional organization. Although not a very active member recently, I served in one (volunteer) leadership capacity or another for about sixteen of those thirty years being covered and am humbled to be tasked with the job. As I work on the outline/first draft for what will become this document, I find myself mired in memories of the past. Wistful and longing for old friends, many of whom I’ve not been in regular contact for some time, after pivoting my career direction. Some friends have passed away, a good number are retired, yet all were significantly influential in my formative years as a young professional. Although the project does not require me to record their individual contributions, each person is alive and loved as I recall these experiences.  Today I do not know the younger generation that stepped up to lead the organizational vision and directi

Shine Your Light in the Darkness

Everywhere you look there seems to be negativity and division, especially in the news and on social media.   I find it so depressing.   A few months back when this “new normal” began, I felt that we were working to support and uplift each other with prayers, funny memes, and animal videos.   Everyone seemed unified in their own unique way to getting us through the difficult times ahead.     Now that were three plus months into this societal change due to COVID, we’re all tired and a bit short tempered.   We want to go out to dinner, enjoy normal summer activities, and receive Jesus at Mass without all the restrictions and safety guidelines. I believe that most of all, we want reassurance that our world is not falling apart.        The exhaustion and negativity is most evident if you spend any time on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and even the once idealistic Instagram are a bit dark and gloomy these days.   Friends, family, and Catholics are fighting among

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