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My Daily Walk: Signs of Appreciation

One thing I’ve noticed on my daily walk are the yard signs. They started before the Quarantine because our school district likes to recognize students who achieve a 4 or 5 on their Advanced Placement tests. Then came the Seniors 2020 signs, sold every year as a fundraiser for a school organization. These joined other fundraiser signs for different high school activities: dance team, band and guard, softball ( we have one of these ), etc.  Since Quarantine we experienced a flurry of yard signs across the neighborhood. Professional photographers printed Senior signs for the students they photographed. Private schools did one for every senior by name. Next came signs for 5th graders and 8th graders, also with names. Anyone who missed their final year at school, there’s a sign. Last came the teacher/staff appreciation signs – “An Awesome Teacher Lives Here!” Leading up to Mother’s Day weekend, yet another sign popped up across our neighborhood – a round sign saying, “This Mo

The Daily Walk: Forming New Habits

These past weeks I've started a new habit of walking every morning. There is a rhythm to it - the birds, the air, the fall of my footsteps - stepping out each morning, before the kids are out of bed while the temperature and humidity are relatively cooler. (Along the Texas Gulf Coast, the key word here is “relatively.”) Walking at this time syncs with my former morning work commute and coincides with my regular Sirius XM morning radio shows.  These mornings I'm alone with my thoughts, noticing simple beauty: a random park bench against the green grass, the morning sun climbing through the trees, an abundance of wildlife - squirrels, birds, turtles, even an occasional alligator. In these few weeks, I’ve come to appreciate how truly blessed we are to live in a neighborhood with pockets of green space: a common area with sidewalks circling the forbidden playground, or a creek with gravel trails lined with mature trees and wildlife. Being outdoors, before the neighborhoo

Life Interrupted: It's Time to Start a New Plan

My life is directed by my calendars, both paper and electronic. One tells me where to be with my family; the other tells me where to be for work. Sometimes the two overlap in order to force the one to yield to the other. These calendars are very closely monitored by the month, the coming week, the next day. They contain the most important upcoming "don't forget" milestones and projects, those demands on my time that keep me grounded and moving forward - always forward - at high speed. Baseball practice with weekend tournaments, Varsity Softball games for my high school senior, ACTS Retreat meetings, Aggie Ring Day on TAMU family weekend, First Communion, elementary field trips, and AP tests. A fresh new year guides me, reminding me to relish my family's big moments building up to senior year awards, prom, high school graduation, and a college study abroad, before kicking off the summer ball tournament travel season. And then, on Friday, March 13, our world

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