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3 Steps to Shine Your Light Online

 Close your eyes – think about going on Facebook or Twitter and scrolling through your feed.  Imagine the typical posts you encounter.  Now think about the comments on the most engaging posts.  What do you feel?  Dread… confusion… sadness… anger? We don’t need studies to tell us that individual are feeling more isolated and depressed after visiting social media than ever before. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds are filled with divisiveness, arguments, superficiality, jealousy and anger.  And yet despite this, social media is continuing to become even more engrained in our culture.  What do we do?  Do we leave Facebook?  Do we remove ourselves from this part of society? You might be tempted.  I know at times I’m tempted to leave.  But the simple answer is – we can’t.  We must be present.  We cannot abandon what Pope Benedict calls the “Digital Continent” to the darkness permeating our society.  Christians are called to be the light in the world.  Imagine a world in

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