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I Dare You to See This Movie Once

I Can Only Imagine We love movies for the stories they tell. Their ability to transport us into another world, far far away.  Occasionally a story comes along with the power to touch our soul – to change our lives. "I Can Only Imagine" reveals a story closer to home, a reality for many.  A story first captured in a song, written by lifetimes of pain and separation: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Of a hurt so deep, it feels impossible to let go. Do you know that pain? I dare you to see this movie once. As a child, Bart faces pain and separation from the father who abuses him and the mother who abandons him. Throughout his life he clings to various touchstones found in others, in music, in God, that offer him Hope and opportunity, for a better life following new dreams. But the pain, unresolved, follows him, an anchor rooted in his past. His father also lives a life of pain; the pain of failed dreams, of abandonment, of addictions. This story illum

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