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Back to School Discussion... and Lisa Cries

Now that we've been back to school for about a month it's time to reflect. New schedules, new schools, and new routines mean big changes for us with plenty of ups and downs.  I (Lisa) have three kids in three different schools this year for the first time. Shelly and I both have one starting high school and one each who are entering their "last" years. My youngest is in her last year of Elementary school while Shelly's oldest is a senior in high school!  How are we handling these changes?  Are we saddened at the thought of all these "last" experiences or looking forward to the possibilities? Check out our video where we discuss all of this and more. Be sure to stay till the end to see me (Lisa) cry! How has your Back to School been going?  Are you in a "last" year for a child also?  What advice do you have for settling into this new year and schedules? Back to School Blog Posts mentioned... New Beginnings Back to School Back

Being a Catechist: Is it Your Vocation?

Faith Formation class are beginning for the school year all across the country.  Are you teaching religious education?  If not, have you ever considered becoming a Catechist?  Shelly and I (Lisa) discuss our experiences as Catechists in the video below.  *At the 4 min mark the audio and video get out of sync.  So sorry.*  Please prayerfully consider volunteering at your church to teach or assist in Faith Formation classes.  Even if classes have already begun, it is possible they are still in need of assistants or substitute catechists.  (I know our parish is still open to new volunteers). Volunteering as a Catechist will change you!  How Volunteering for Edge Changed My Life   Lisa's Posts about Teaching Third Grade Faith Formation at Catechist Journey 6 Tips for Teaching Religious Education Do you teach faith formation to children? How did you get started? If you don't volunteer as a catechist, why not?  What is holding you back?

Searching for Coppini's Victims of the 1900 Galveston Storm

Shelly : Today, September 8, marks the 116th anniversary of the 1900 Galveston Storm, the deadliest natural disaster in the history of the United States. Last year I spoke about the 1900 Storm at Houston area libraries in support of the  Gulf Coast Reads program, highlighting the excellent novel, The Promise .  This summer I've spent time corresponding with John Bernardoni about the possible location of the 10-foot heroic statue Victims of the Galveston Flood created by Italian-American artist Pompeo Coppini.  In 1997 when I started work on Through a Night of Horrors: Voices from the 1900 Galveston Storm,   I tried to discover what happened to Coppini's magnificent statue, created in 1904, donated to the University of Texas in 1914, and not seen since 1920. When my research in Austin hit a brick wall, I resigned myself to the probability that the piece had been accidentally destroyed.  This May, John contacted me with a burning desire to uncover the truth

Saint Teresa of Calcutta: A Lesson to Remedy the Greatest Poverty

Today our beloved Mother Teresa officially becomes  Saint Teresa of Calcutta . We were truly blessed to have been witness to this Saint’s life during our own lifetime and we ponder, what did we learn from her? How was her life an example and inspiration for our own? Mother Teresa’s selfless work in the slums of Calcutta are now familiar to all. In a true calling, she looked at the poor and sick to recognize the suffering of Christ reflected in their faces. Her mission of helping went beyond caring for them solely in the physical sense, she also offered and taught others to offer all people Christ's unconditional love. “ Many people mistake our work for our vocation. Our vocation is the love of Jesus.” During her lifetime, she encouraged all of us to give ourselves fully to God. So that “ he will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in His love than in your own weakness. ” She recognized that, “ In this life we cannot do great things

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