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Five Reasons to Choose SafeSplash Swimming Lessons

As I (Shelly) mentioned when the adventure started, this summer SafeSplash Swim School invited Of Sound Mind and Spirit to blog about our experience with their swim school in exchange for four weekly lessons. This week's lesson continues many of the basic skills previously introduced, the concept of back and front floating, kicks and scoops, and putting your face underwater. My teenage daughter is at my side watching her brother when she looks at me and grins, " This makes me want to swim again ."  My son excels at the "Monkey Crawl" and anticipates the next part of the lesson, climbing out of the pool, ready to jump back in on the instructor's command. While doing kicks and scoops or barbell down the lane, he's a talker and I want to shout at him, "Put your head down and swim. "   After just four short lessons, he clearly is more relaxed and comfortable being in the water. He thinks they're playing, but everything taking p

SafeSplash Week Three: It's So Cool Underwater!

Houston, We Have Goggles and it's a whole new world!  As a non-swimmer who can't remember the last time I wore goggles in the pool, I had no idea how much it would change my son's perspective on swimming lessons.  Excited about his new goggles, he couldn't wait to get his face underwater, " Now I can see underwater! " Every time the instructor takes another child down the swimming lane, my son is bobbing up and down, looking around under the water,  On this third week the "newness" of lessons is worn off and he's relaxed and chatty. When the instructor takes him out to practice kicking and scooping, he's so busy talking to her he forgets to kick. He's participating without really thinking about it and while he's making all the right movements they're very loosely coordinated, kind of all over the place. Another milestone, he's not fighting or tensing up when she lays him on his back, immediately spreadin

SafeSplash Week Two: Crap, I Forgot the Goggles!

Man, last week we were off to a great start and then yesterday I forgot about swimming lessons, left work late, and arrived with mere moments to spare before the lesson. We rush in and my son says he doesn't want to get in.   What? Last week you wanted to swim the next day. Today you don't want to swim? He shivers, but climbs in with the other two students. As they get organized, I realize... Crap, I forgot to buy him goggles . #workingmomfail This week they start by putting their face in the water, blowing bubbles, then the instructor pulls out the seahorse float pad and begins taking each student out one at at time. The little girl from last week's lesson can't stand still, bobbing up and down in the water, jumping on the in-water platform, until she bobs right off the platform into the water. As I notice, and as the thought begins to process in my mind, the lifeguard's eyes widen and with two quick steps she's in the water and the girl is back on

SafeSplash Week One: Don't Forget the Goggles!

Last night was the first lesson in our SafeSplash adventure. Arrive early and realize that the only drawback of attending swim lessons at an LA Fitness gym at 6:30 p.m. is the full parking lot. I've never belonged to a big commercial gym, so didn't consider it would be crowded right after work, d'oh. I can tell my son is nervous and I'm glad we arrived early so we could look around. We watch a more advanced class finishing up by throwing rings into the swim lane so they can swim out and dive to the pool floor to retrieve them. (This is important later.) A pleasant surprise: both the life guard and the instructor, a senior on the high school swimming team, turn out to be friends of my oldest daughter. There's only one other little girl about D's same age in the lesson and while she hops into the pool eagerly, D- is a little more hesitant and he shivers in the water.  The lesson begins with the instructor asking the two kids to hold their breath

Swimming Lessons: A Life Skill

Earlier this summer, SafeSplash Swim School invited Of Sound  Mind  and Spirit to blog about our experience with their swim school in exchange for four weekly lessons.  Perfect timing since my boy is now four (and a half! he emphatically reminds me) and it only just occurred to me this summer that at some point he needs to learn to swim. I looked them up.  SafeSplash believes that “Swimming is a Life Skill” and they worked with Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin to develop a curriculum consisting of 11 teaching levels designed to progressively build one on top of the other.  But could they accommodate my schedule? Swimming is what I call a SAHM sport. Working mom hours aren’t usually compatible with anything related to “swim team” or “swim lessons.” For this to work, we need lessons after 6 p.m. or on the weekends. SafeSplash advertises as the largest leading swim school franchise with over 32 locations in Texas, so I browsed their location finder by zip code. Surprise – th

Resources to Prepare for the Geo Bee

(There are product links in this post as a part of the Amazon Affiliate program.  Clicking on them and purchasing something will not cost you anything more, but will provide us with a small amount.) Lisa: My youngest daughter, Birdie, is in love with Geography.  We really didn’t put two and two together that Geography was a serious passion until the Men’s FIFA World Cup in 2014.  She of course loves soccer, but was quick to tell us all about each country and region in the tournament.  And I’m not talking about countries we’ve all heard about or studied in school.  But countries that make you go, Hmmm, I think I remember where that is….  She was all over it.  That was the summer she asked for a globe for her birthday.  Last year in fourth grade, her teacher announced the school would be holding it’s first ever Geography Bee, affectionately called the Geo Bee.  It's a contest that starts at the school level and moves up to the national level, like a spelling bee, and is spo

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