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5 Things I Learned From Law School

When people hear I went to law school, graduated, took the bar and am actually a *gasp* LAWYER, they act a little surprised. And while I haven’t practiced the art of law in over a decade, I can still call myself an attorney (as long as I keep the State Bar of Texas happy). Once people pick up their jaw from the floor, I usually get asked if I miss practicing law. “Not yet” is my typical response. And then “Do you think you’ll go back to it?” To which I reply, “Not really.” Ha ha. No, I don’t miss actively being a lawyer and I don’t have any plans to return to the law, but I also don’t regret going through all the work of law school and the bar exam. Now that I’ve been a non-practicing lawyer twice as long as I practiced law, I can say law school taught me some very useful things. 1. The Law is Gray – We learn in law school that the law is the law, but then we learn how to interpret it, how to defend it and how to argue against it. What they actually teach us i

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