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Catholic Guilt: Keeping it Real

Despite a long week, Lisa being chatty and Shelly just not feeling it, we got together to do another video talking about some feedback we received from our Easter video.  Watch to hear the feedback where a friend asks us about Catholic Guilt and Keeping it Real. If you're not familiar with "Catholic Guilt," it's that feeling of not being "perfect enough" or "holy enough."    We talk about being late to Mass, not being good enough, how it's great to have expectations, but the reality of life is.... well life!   We're wondering if our culture celebrates being busy - is it a competition on who can be the busiest? Our question to you:  How do you struggle with the every day and how you thing things should be  versus the reality of our messy lives? Lisa didn't do her homework (and apparently neither did Shelly), but here the links to some of the posts we talked about: Interesting Conversation God's Call is Sometimes a Sur

Making a Mess and Being Foolish: The New Evangelization

The little white book arrived in my mailbox with a sticky note attached, “Will only take 30-40 mins to read. I’d love to hear what you think?” I love my “Catholic blogger” friends.  They are the best fruit from the time spent writing this blog and connecting with people online. The book is brightly titled “Messy and Foolish.”  It sounds like someone describing a middle school EDGE social night with a shaving cream fight, not a challenge to the faithful to build the Church. The subtitle is “How to Make a Mess, Be a Fool, and Evangelize the World.” And Matthew is on to something. At the first opportunity, I found an hour on the “peach couch” ( see the video ) and started reading.  Less than a minute later I got up to find a pencil for underlining phrases and starring paragraphs. The book’s title and premise stems from two different quotes from Pope Francis.  The first spoken in Rio de Janeiro at the 2013 World Youth Day : “ I want a mess in the dioceses! I wa

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