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It's Easter! Eggs, Mass, and Bugs?

Alleluia! He is Risen.  It's Easter afternoon so we wanted to spend some time chatting with YOU on our new video.  Join us as we discuss our Easter morning, blog posts from the past, and issue each other a throwback challenge!   Do you have an answer for our "random question?"  Don't miss our uninvited special guest stars vying for Lisa's attention in a most natural, but unwelcome manner. Thanks for watching! We'd love to hear from you!   Happy Easter Season! Throwback post from Easter 2010 - God Spoke to Me on Easter Morning Instagram photos mentioned in the video include: 

Friday Night Margaritas

Ever wondered why Lisa's Instagram feed is full of Margarita pictures? And why are they always Friday Night Margaritas? And where are her kids? In their new video, Shelly and Lisa talk all about how Friday Night Margaritas got started and what it is all about. Grab your Margarita and watch us talk about Margaritas ... (and Lisa's hair, TV shows and more...) Stay to the end where we each confess what TV show we watch but are embarrassed to admit. What were we talking about the end???  Hmmm. This episode just begs for a blooper reel.  Trust us.

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