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We Need Your Help: Parenting Young Athletes

Whoo!  Thank you for the support of our first blog video. We really enjoyed the comments and feedback we received, sooo.... we made another one! In true working mom-busy-procrastinating fashion, Shelly and I recorded this video blog on Saturday night, yet we're just now posting it online today.  But we did it and that's what counts, right? We kick off our introduction with some shout outs to a few friends, check-in on our Lent, and talk a little about what I should watch next on Netflix.  However, this video topic is primarily about parenting young athletes.  Shelly's daughter plays competitive select softball and my kids are soccer players on both recreational and competitive teams. Parenting young athletes is full of pitfalls and Shelly and I are open about a few of our own mistakes made while supporting our kids. We'd love your input if you have any experience in this area or questions for us. So join us for 25 minutes and let us know your experience o

A Lenten Discussion in Video

Shelly and I did something today we've been wanting to do for a long time - a video blog!  Or is it just called a vlog?  So many times we go to the CNMC or meet people who only know us online and they think we are really different in person from what we write. We've recorded Secrets of Once Upon a Time together and appeared on Elizabeth Reardon's radio show An Engaging Faith , and people are just tickled with our banter and way of talking over each other. Today we attended a meeting together and afterwards had about 30 minutes to spare. We looked at each other and said Let's Try It!  We sat together in front of the camera to discuss our approach to Lent this year and how it's going so far...the first three days. What do you think? How is your Lent going?  Has it changed this year from previous years? And....  do you think we should do another video?  If so, we'd love for you to suggest a topic for us. Links to items we discussed - Lent

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