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Do Not Let Your Heart Become Drowsy in 2016

Happy New Year from Of Sound Mind and Spirit. As I sit in the quiet morning, warm coffee wafting fragrantly at my side, Lisa and her children are bundled up warmly (I hope) waving and cheering the Chevron Houston Marathon runners, waiting to see “her Brian” run past on his fourth marathon . As usual, we’ve taken a rather long Christmas holiday break from the blog.  Maybe we should just plan for it each year and put up a virtual “Happy Advent, Merry Christmas, See you Next Year” sign as a reminder to our semi-regular readers that at some point in the Advent we’re just not going to have time in our lives and jobs to slow down during the day (or be coherent enough after 10 p.m.) to capture the millions of thoughts that run through our minds.  Too often something happens that I think would be fun to share with you and I’ll mentally write the post in my mind – maybe I’ll even jot the idea in a notebook or in my iPhone notes, and then Never. Come. Back. To. It.  But as I have a

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