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CNMC - My Favorite Tweets

Twitter is one of my favorite ways to experience a conference.  Many attendees use twitter as a way to live blog or take notes about the sessions.  Others engage in conversations both with other people in the audience and with those following at home. The CNMC is no exception.  If you would like to view all the tweets, Facebook posts or Instagram photos, check out the CNMC15 tagboard created by Lyn Francisco for the event. Here are a sampling of my favorite tweets from the Catholic New Media Conference 2015. Was your favorite tweet from #CNMC15 included?  If not, what was the message? *CNMC15 banner image was used and altered with permission

CNMC15 - A Crazy Family Reunion

In the two weeks since attending the Catholic New Media Conference there is still a tinge of sadness that it is over, that feeling that I didn't talk to enough people, take enough notes (or selfies) or soak in the experience. What I really want is another 24 hours to learn and be in community there, but the truth is the CNMC could be a week long and it still wouldn't be enough. What is the CNMC? It is part-conference part-celebration of Catholic New Media rolled into one event that is open to Catholics involved in or interested in blogs, podcasts, social media, etc. We come together for a weekend and learn from one another. The CNMC focuses not only on the technical know-how, but also the reasons we put ourselves and our faith out there in the digital world. Ok, I know what you're thinking. That it sounds very high brow, stuffy, and serious. No way! What makes the CNMC special is the celebration part. We are a huge family, so the CNMC is more like a crazy fami

What do Catholics Believe About Evil?

Last week our nation faced another shocking news story that left many people asking, “Why did this happen? Where was God? Why would God allow this to happen to His people?” To try and understand these answers, I turned to the Catechism to see what the church really believes in “evil” and how it answers the question of why God allows evil to happen. Evil Comes from Sin Whether you believe it in or not, evil exists in our world. There are those who may try to explain away an evil act as a developmental flaw, a psychological weakness, a mistake, or the consequence of an inadequate social structure, etc., but evil is a direct consequence of sin and it comes from humanity’s rejection of God and opposition to Him. Sin is an abuse of the freedom that God gives to created persons so that they are capable of loving him and loving one another. (CCC 386-387) The source of all sin can be found at the beginning of the history of man, with the first original choice t

Four Reasons Why I Remain Catholic

#WhyRemainCatholic The recent Pew Report on diminishing numbers of Catholics inspired Elizabeth Scalia to put out a call on Patheos asking "Why do you remain a Catholic?” Raised in the faith, I’ve never been tempted to be anything other than Catholic. Although I’ve not always been on fire for my faith. I’ve been casual. I’ve been lukewarm. I’ve been ignorant .  But I'm working on that.  Why do I remain Catholic?  Four things immediately come to mind. Family Being Catholic means being part of a larger global family as sisters and brothers in Christ. Jesus teaches us to pray to God as a loving father and Mary intercedes for us as our holy mother. Sure, we don’t always agree with the house rules, wanting to move out on our own and be independent, but that familial connection remains, pulling on our heart with a love that never ends. Becoming a parent opened my eyes to the unceasing bounds of human love for another person. If I can love each of my c

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