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The Pines Catholic Camp is Awesome!

Are you looking for a Texas Catholic Summer Camp? We are fans of The Pines Catholic Camp and   recently registered our kids for their third year of week long sleep away summer camp in north east Texas. The Pines is full of all the usual activities in a summer camp – cabins, counselors, lake activities, sports, music, outdoor fun, skits and more fun than is almost possible in 7 days. But what makes The Pines the camp for us is that it also includes all things Catholic. Mass, bible study, adoration, small groups, and prayer. But don’t let all that faith filled stuff fool you. It’s still summer camp. The staff at The Pines mix faith and fun into the perfect blend of summer camp experience for kids as young as seven through high school teens. I asked my kids to tell me their favorite things about The Pines Catholic Camp and what did they do? They made a video! (I'm one proud mom for their creativity and execution!) They are super excited to return to The Pines this s

Tips for Taking Kids to Mass

Taking young kids to Mass is hard. The baby and toddlers years were difficult but you thought it would get easier by the time they hit preschool or elementary age. Hmmm. Not always. Engaging young kids at mass can be a difficult and really hard but so important. As parents we are the primary teachers of the faith. Our children learn from us, not just what we say, but also what we do. They need to see us worship to understand how integral mass is with our faith. God made us to worship with each other in community and that community includes our kids. As Jesus said – “let the children come to me.” Matthew 19:14 Yes, you’re saying. I agree, it’s important, but HOW do I do it? How do we survive as a family through mass with young children? Unfortunately there isn’t a secret pill or magic solution. It’s going to be tough like almost everything else in parenting. I’ve assembled a few tips that helped us with our kids at mass from the preschool years to now. Before

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