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LENT - How We Love God, Others and Ourself

Lent is the perfect season to re-dedicate ourselves as followers of Christ as we prepare to celebrate His resurrection on Easter.  As children, we might have decided which of our favorite foods, toys or games to give up for 40 days, but Lent is so much more than giving up Chocolate or TV.  The focus, as I was very recently reminded by Kathryn Whitaker at Team Whitaker , should be on Love. Lent should be about how we love God, others and ourself.  So, rather than look at these thinks below to incorporate them all or a bunch into a Lenten plan, read them with the idea that something in one may speak to your heart about where you are on your Journey with God right now. Find something that will help bring you closer to discipleship in preparation for His Resurrection. I start my list with my favorite because it came from my family.   40 Ways to Give for 40 .  My kids and I a couple of years ago tried to think of ways to serve others during Lent. We merged our Sacrifice, Almsgivi

7 Quick Takes - Pride & Valentines

It's been a while, long while since I tried 7 Quick Takes but here I go again... -1- To get us moving and grooving in the morning we sometimes turn up the tunes before school.  Our new favorite this week is "It's a Good Day," by Jaime Thietten on the album Love Along The Way .  She performed the song last year at the Houston Women's Catholic Conference (which is coming up again) and it stuck with me.  It will have you tapping your feet and smiling in no time.  Which is perfect on those tough - let's get ready and get you to school without another tardy type of mornings....  Please tell me I'm not the only one that struggles getting my kids (or one specific kid really) out the door in the morning. Go grab it on iTunes or the whole album Love Along The Way on Amazon.  You won't be sorry. -2- While I'm on the subject of my almost tardy every day child, she said something really funny the other day.  My phone was playing random songs (

Attending Church: Reflections on the Mass

The Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Natchitoches, LA Photo by Sonny Carter As we approach Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season, consider this question:  Where are you with attending church today?   Just like getting up early to exercise physically, it can sometimes be a chore to get up early to exercise spiritually.  Maybe, like many of us, you have a spouse or kids who may not feel so devoted or excited to be pulled out of bed on Sunday morning or told to stop what they’re doing, shower, and get ready on Sat or Sun afternoon for church . What would their response be if you said to go to the movies?  To go out to eat at your favorite restaurant?   Why not church!  You probably know the arguments.  My faith is between God and myself.  I can be close to God anywhere; my faith is not about a building or other people.  Yes, your faith is your personal relationship with God  - and to grow in that relationship you need to spend time with Him, in His hou

26 Point Something - A Houston Marathon Review

My husband Brian joins us here on Of Sound Mind and Spirit to share his experience running the 2015 Chevron Houston Marathon. *************************************************************** It’s 3:45am on a Sunday morning and my alarm is on its second snooze cycle. As I roll out of bed, I pull the short chain under the lamp shade and peer around the room. It’s early, but I’m not tired, not today. In fact, for the first time in several weeks, everything is in perfect order. My clothes are neatly positioned on the foot of the bed as if someone were already wearing them, my shoes are fully open with the tongue pulled completely out, and my gym bag is overstuffed with two pairs of everything. Today is going to be a good day. Today is Marathon Day! For the past six months my family has endured the monotony and annoying habits that accompany a marathon runner in training. Friday nights have been transformed from late night Mexican food dinners with queso and margaritas to ear

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