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Teaching Waiting during Advent

For seven simple ways to help kids understand the season of waiting during Advent, check out my latest post over at Catechist's Journey  -   Waiting is a Lesson in Advent .   May you have a blessed Advent.

Actively Waiting: Advent Giving Challenge

My commute to work is about 45-60 minutes each way depending on the traffic.  In the evening I usually listen to an audio book, but most mornings are spent listening to “ Seize the Day” with Gus Lloyd on Sirius XM - The Catholic Channel . Every year Gus hosts Project Christmas inspired by the White Envelope Project   (Click the link if you’re not familiar with the story.)  For an unknown number of years (at least the last two that  I've  been listening) Gus uses Project Christmas to support  Food for the Poor , the largest international relief  and  development organization in the United States. After a week of feasting and a weekend of shopping, it’s time to pause and support those around the world who will have no Christmas. This morning, Gus hosted special guest, Food for the Poor Executive Director, Angel Aloma, to talk about how Food for the Poor  as an interdenominational Christian ministry serves the poor in 17 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin Amer

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