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Sometimes Winning is Just Getting Back On...

All through the spring youth sports season I found myself tempted to write about the life lessons my soccer stars were learning by losing almost every game.  After all I can't be the only parent who feels like everyone else's child is winning, winning, winning all the time.  Or, at least according to Facebook, they are all winning constantly, right? Everyone wants to win at a competitive sport, but I also know there is great value in losing at something.  We all have at least one experience when we didn't win at something but it was an incredible character building lesson.  I can name mine in an instant - Mock Trial semi-finals my last semester of law school.  But when it seems everyone around you is winning and your child is losing game after game, it can bring you down.  Darn that social media. Ashley & Brown Just when I was about to put pen to paper (yes, I still write on paper first) my girls rode in a horse show and it really focused my perspective.

7 Quick Takes Friday - Summer & Post Vacation

Since I have so many blog ideas swirling in my head but obviously can't seem to get them on the actual blog, I'm participating in 7 Quick Takes Friday. Maybe this will be a good way to get these things out. -1- My lounge chairs for the week I spent last week with my husband and kids at a resort in Mexico on vacation.  We had been planning for a while to do a beach getaway and finally just did it.  My husband and I LOVE to take relaxing vacations, you know the kind where you lay on a beach chair with a fruity drink?  The idea of packing up the family and trying to do Disney World exhausts me.  I mean, the scheduling and rush rush all sounds too much like real life to me, not a vacation.  Brian and I have done the Mexico resort relax vacation a few times before (LOVE IT) but without kids.  The big question we had with this trip was could we relax on vacation with the kids? YES!  Our kids are too much like us.  They absolutely loved going to the beach, hanging by th

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