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God Loves Me (and You!)

It's time to talk about Chapter 2 in " A Well-Built Faith: A Catholic's Guide to Knowing and Sharing What We Believe " as part of the Lawn Chair Catechism series by  The author begins this chapter talking to us about God's revealing of himself to us: God passionately seeks to enter into a deep and intimate relationship with each one of us.  To that end, God reveals himself to us.... Since the dawn of creation, God has been revealing himself, inviting men and women throughout the ages to enter into relationship with him.  We call this act of God's self-revealing revelation .   My favorite line from Chapter 2 - "Since the moment of our birth, God has been pursuing us, seeking us out, and inviting us to a deeper relationship with him."   This talk of God revealing himself to us made me immediately think of our parish priest, Fr. John Rooney.  In his time with St. Angela Merici, a consistent theme in his homilies has

The Rising

The Rising by Robert Ovies What would you do if your son had the ability to heal, to bring back life from the dead?   Robert Ovies explores this question with gripping clarity and envelops you in his thought-provoking drama, The Rising . Ironically, I very recently read Mitch Albom’s novel The First Phone Call From Heaven which explores a similar “miracle” question in the same regional location of Detroit.   However, Robert Ovies’ writing style and tone are not similar enough to conjure comparisons, and where Mr. Albom draws the validity of the miracle into question, Mr. Ovies does not.   C. J. Walker, nine years old, can clearly and without question, raise the dead. The Rising captures you in the first chapter, following the perspective of the local parish priest who returns to the rectory after the wake of his parish secretary, only to receive a frantic phone call from the funeral home owner that the deceased is now alive. Eventually the “Lazarus” boy is discovered an

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