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Lessons Learned at the Ballpark

I wrote this last June 2013 for . Since my daughter is currently playing for the 12U All-Star team, returning to the ASA State Tournament in two weeks, I thought it would be appropriate to post last year's thoughts. I expect many parents with children participating in post-season play will be able to identify with my experience. My daughter plays softball. I love watching her play. I get really into the game, how she hits and catches, how fierce she is facing a runner coming down from third.   Girls Fastpitch Softball Last year she earned a place on the 10U All-Star team and those girls worked hard playing and preparing for The ASA Texas State Tournament . The Tournament started on a Friday late afternoon with pool and bracket games until the wee hours of the morning, all day Saturday, before culminating in a final Championship Game Sunday afternoon. Our first bracket game started at a very late 10:30 p.m. The girls bristled with excitement warmi

A Well Built Faith - Lawn Chair Catechism

I am thrilled to see return with their Lawn Chair Catechism series this summer, but even more excited that the book is a great book that I've read!  Woo Hoo! First you ask, what is Lawn Chair Catechism?  Over the next few months, Sarah Reinhard at will be breaking open a book on our Catholic Faith, one chapter, one week at a time.  She posts an introduction to the chapter, her thoughts and then discussion questions on Wednesday mornings. Everyone can discuss in the comments section on that post, or link up a blog post of your own with your thoughts. You don't have to have read the book to enjoy the discussion. The book I'm excited for this year? " A Well-Built Faith, A Catholic's Guide to Knowing and Sharing What We Believe" by Joe Paprocki .  I initially read and reviewed this book here on Of Sound Mind and Spirit over four years ago.  A little snippet of what I said about the book:   "A great tool and r

Mom's Night Out: Scene One, Take Two

For Mother’s Day, Lisa invited me to see Mom’s Night Out with her. Despite my initial lack of interest based on the previews and reviews so far, I said yes.   Overall, the movie was funny.   The opening generated some “are you kidding me?” eye-rolling and the end got just a tad bit preachy, but I laughed through the pseudo-realistic adventures during the middle (and longest) section of the film. The premise reminded me of other stereotyped wacky adventures:   Date Night, Adventures in Babysitting, Blind Date (yes, I’m showing my age), and the Hangover to name a few.   Many of the characters are stereotypes of a sort, although that shouldn’t distract you too much from appreciating the humor.     Just in case you haven’t read dozens of reviews popping up in your Facebook feed, I’ll give you a brief summary.   SAHM (Stay-at-home-mom) to three-- with a “means-well” husband who is away on business so often that their daughter draws him as an airplane in her cra

I'm a Beautiful Mess - Moms' Night Out Movie

Getting to sneak peak and watch this new movie Moms’ Night Out, being released Mother’s Day weekend was a real treat.  But the bigger treat was watching it with my husband.  Date Night at home!  Moms’ Night Out is supposed to be a family comedy about the beautiful chaos of parenting but somewhere in the midst of the laughter; there were times I had tears in my eyes watching the perils of the moms on the screen.    The writers of this movie somehow captured the way moms are tough on themselves, the way we strive to be a form of mothering perfection for our families that doesn’t really exist and the way we hide our parenting struggles from our mom friends around us.  I absolutely loved watching this movie with my husband, but I can’t wait to see Moms’ Night Out with my girlfriends at the theater.  We moms need each other.  We need to let down our guard, show that none of us have it all together all the time, and build each other up through faith, fellowship and fun.   

The 5 Best Mother's Day Gifts

Are you stressing out as what to get the Mom in your life for Mother's Day?  There is such pressure to get the "perfect" gift for your mom or the mother of your children.   As a mom, my "perfect" Mother's Day gift list usually involves things you can't buy at a store.  They come from my family showing love and appreciation for my role as a mom.   Here are my 5 Best Mother's Day Gifts That You Can't Buy at a Store. .. 1.  Breakfast in Bed - This is a way for my kids to gift me with service and show appreciation for all the meals I've prepared for them in their lives.  Mine enjoy it so much now that they are older and can do it with very limited help from dad.  Their concoctions truly are legendary and sometimes very yummy. 2.  Spend the Day Together - What does your family enjoy doing together?  We have a tradition of taking a long family bike ride after Mass on Mother's Day.  There is something about exercise, beaut

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