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What to do after a Difficult Week Teaching Religious Education

Have you had a terribly difficult week teaching religious education?  My (Lisa's) last class before Spring Break was just awful.  Was it them?  Was it me?  Was it a full moon?  Whatever it was, I was thankful for the break.  But before walking back into my classroom of third graders, I knew I needed to take action to improve the situation. Teaching religious education to children can be difficult as well as extremely rewarding.  Jesus is the heart of all catechesis, so usually when I'm struggling while preparing or teaching the faith to children, I offer it up in prayer. But this time, I knew I needed to go a little deeper than my usual prayers before walking back into the classroom.  I turned to 31 Days to Becoming a Better Religious Educator by Jared Dees of for a mini retreat during Spring Break.  The book consists of short focused chapters ending in an exercise and scripture reading with questions to examine the topic deeper. The first chapte

#Givefor40 for Lent

#Givefor40 Lent is that time for us to be still, breathe and prayerfully contemplate Jesus’ giving His life for our sins, so that we might truly be in awe of the risen Christ on Easter.  We give up or give to others as a way to model Christ in our own lives and to remind us of Him daily.  All through Lent we look to the cross, knowing what is coming, discerning what His death means for us.  We look inside ourselves and ask, “Why did He die for me?” Jesus died for all of us because of our Heavenly Father’s great love for each of us.  We take this time during Lent to remind ourselves of God’s Love for us and re-dedicate our lives to living the way Jesus modeled for us during His life. Prayer, Sacrifice and Giving are the cornerstones of Lent. How we live for Christ differs with each of us, as does how we observe Lent.  Lent should leave its mark on us just as Christ’s sacrifice and God’s love leaves it’s mark on us.  So as we choose our Lenten observances, we should be honest

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