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Our Priest is Moving On

Fr. John Rooney at St. Angela Merici There have been three amazing Pastors in my life; priests whose homilies spoke to me in Mass, who challenged me to ponder and grow in my faith and relationship with Jesus, and who celebrated special Sacraments with me: Marriage, Baptism, and Anointing of the Sick. One of these men is Fr. John Rooney, my current Pastor and the founding Pastor of St. Angela Merici Catholic Church. Although I only joined St. Angela’s 18 months ago when we moved from across town, I’ve known Fr. John for the past few years as Lisa’s and our mother’s Pastor.   Fr. John possess that spark which allows him to truly connect with people of all walks of life. His energy and passion spills over and warms your heart. His homily resonates in your soul, because long after you’ve forgotten the words, you remember the feeling. Thursday morning Lisa sent me a Skype message. “Fr. John is leaving St. Angela's” Moments later, I opened my email to read his letter to

Noticing the Faceless

The highway I take for my daily commute is under construction, expanding from two to four lanes on each  side.   Every morning I pass a couple hundred faceless construction workers in their bright neon yellow jackets. No matter how hot or cold the weather, they are actively working, with shovels or equipment, making progress slowly day by day. I look forward to the day when the task is finished and the lanes are open and constant traffic is relieved. Often I get the urge to smile, wave, or find some gesture to say thank you, but I don’t. Instead I pray for them each morning.   For them to be protected from the heat or cold or from the exhaust of the traffic crawling or speeding past depending on the time of day. I pray they take pride in their work, and have a way to know that many of the drivers appreciate the work they've done. There are great many faceless workers in our lives. Too often we don't make eye contact; we may not even notice they are there. Perhaps we simp

First Reconciliation

My Birdie celebrated the sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time recently.  Being a good mom, I started writing a blog post about how to prepare a child for First Reconciliation, how to discuss reconciliation in way for a child to understand the healing nature of the sacrament and why it is important to develop a good habit of going to reconciliation regularly. But, in the middle of typing all my thoughts, it occurred to me to just ask my child her thoughts of making the sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. She DID have a big smile.  Sometimes we adults over think, analyze and worry about things.  Maybe we should learn about the healing nature of Reconciliation from the big smiles of the kids receiving absolution for the first time. Lisa Jones

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