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3 Tips to Teach Children the Reason for the Season

A few months ago at the Blog Elevated Conference , I met an amazing blogger who also happens to live pretty close to me.  Cintia, at shares so much of her faith, family and tips for physical wellness through her blog.  I was thrilled to join her one morning recently to talk about sharing our faith with our kids at Christmas in relation to her theme of Simplifying Christmas. The first question she asked was " What are your top 3 tips for parents who to help children to know that Christmas is about Christ?"  Teaching your children the " Reason for the Season " is a hugely important topic in this time of consumerism and Santa. Celebrate Advent - The season of Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas and is a time to prepare our hearts to welcome the Christ Child, Jesus. By focusing on Advent as a season before delving into Christmas, it helps us slow down a bit and meditate on the true reason for the season. Spend time watching for God

Prayer Before Engaging Online

Before many activities, such as teaching the faith to children and speaking before a group, I find it necessary to invite the Holy Spirit into my heart to guide my thoughts, words and actions.  However, most days I interact with more people online than I do in person through my work in social media and internet marketing. Since it is just as important that I pray before engaging with those I meet on the digital continent, I adapted a prayer I wrote for evangelizing in the classroom to use in my online work.    Do you pray before interacting in social media?

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