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Top 20 Tweets from #CNMC

One of the best parts of attending the Catholic New Media Conference is watching tweets with the #CNMC throughout the conference.  Twitter not only helps enhance the sense of community, but can summarize a conference pretty well -140 characters at a time. By visiting , you can see all the tweets with #CNMC With hundreds, if not thousands, of tweets with #CNMC to select from, I tried to pick 20 that really represented the message and love shared during our weekend in Boston. Doesn't Sarah's last tweet (Catholic Drinkie) say so much about the excitement for Christ and the New Evangelization that we experienced at the CNMC? What action do these tweets (and the others with #CNMC) inspire you to take in your life?

Top 7 Messages from the CNMC

Lisa and I returned from this year's Catholic New Media Conference refreshed and recharged. For our first post-CNMC... post, we thought we'd summarize some of the key messages we heard that resonated and stuck with us. The keynote speaker this year was none other than Monsignor Paul Tighe, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications from ...the Vatican.  He spoke about the ways our culture is changing in light of the “new media” and how the Vatican is tapping into utilizing it as a form of communication. Scot Landry, the executive director of Catholic Voices USA  and Maria Johnson also gave us some of our takeaway messages. Other CNMC speakers were Angela Sealana, Father Roderick, Jeff Young, Fr. Roger Landry and Pat Padley. While we couldn’t attend them all, we could follow tweets coming from their presentations. The Pope on Twitter When the Vatican briefed the Pope about using Twitter, the Pope wanted to know the potential reach of the pla

On our Way to the CNMC in Boston

It's that time again!  Countdown to the Catholic New Media Conference FOUR!!! THREE!!! TWO!!! ONE!!! We're on our way to Boston to the CNMC by SQPN! Fun, Faith and Fellowship 

Called to be a saint

We are all called to be saints. Let me say that again. We are all called to be saints. After sinking in for moment, I must stop and think what does that mean?  Mary was the greatest Saint.  She said "YES" to God in a big way.  She said YES without asking questions or trying to decide what it would mean for her life.  She trusted God and handed over her life to Him. What if I'm not called for a big YES?  What if I'm just an ordinary child of God?  How do I become a saint? Through the example of The Little Flower.  St. Therese of Liseaux was an ordinary girl who gave herself to God every day in her "Little Ways." Through the example of Blessed Mother Teresa.  While her impact was global, her actions were small and directed to those around her.  She showed love and compassion to everyone she met.  She listened, she smiled and she prayed. As I contemplate how I can live every day as a saint in the making, I am inspired by the words of Mother Teres

Scott Hahn: Faith, Friendship and the New Evangelization

Today, I am still processing much of Dr. Scott Hahn 's talk entitled, "Faith, Friendship and the New Evangelization" presented by Holy Cross Chapel in Houston last night.  There is so much to unpack from his two hours onstage that it is difficult to put my finger on what it was that I enjoyed so much about the experience.  It wasn't just that Dr. Hahn is a dynamic speaker, extremely intelligent in matters of biblical theology or that I learned so much about the Eucharist in the New Testament; it was the way he made me think about those topics that touched me.   I enjoyed the talk first of all because I found Dr. Hahn deeply inspiring.  Rather than being uplifted in an almost giddy way, it was close to the opposite.  I walked away serious and contemplative asking how can I learn more about my faith and where will it take me on my faith journey.  Scott Hahn's approach with theological and scriptural studies is intellectually serious which I previously found

My Milestone Birthday Lesson

I had a milestone birthday last week - you know, one of those big ones that ends in a zero!  Leading up to the big day, I felt a lot of pressure to plan a big bash or party, to cross off an item on my non-existant bucket list or to be in the best shape of my life.  All the things people talk about for a big birthday.  When I was asked about my BIG PLANS I didn't know what to say.  I had nothing planned.  No big celebration.  It really didn't feel very good to admit that. On my birthday, my husband and children woke me up with LOUD birthday wishes and surprised me with colorful balloons to brighten my morning.  Everyone was in a great mood and got off to school easily.  Woo Hoo!  That's a birthday blessing right there. It was an incredible joy to have lunch with my parents, sister and sister in law with the surprise of my husband joining us in the middle of the day.  But, the majority of my big day was filled with working, laundry, dishes, taking the kids to soccer

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