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Texas Catholic Summer Camp

Did you know there is a Catholic Summer Camp in Texas ?  And that it is the only co-ed ACA accredited Catholic camp in the Southwest?  And that it looks REALLY fun!  Watching this video of The Pines Catholic Camp made me want to be a kid again so I could go to summer sleep away camp. (Are you singing now?  I know I am.) Since I'm not a kid, I'm doing the next best thing to attending The Pines Catholic summer camp - I'm sending two of my kids. This will be their first summer sleep away camp experience and they couldn't be more excited (except for a little worry about being homesick). To make it even better, they are going to The Pines with their cousins, Shelly's girls.  Double excitement!! After I discovered The Pines online, I asked my friends on Facebook if any of them had experience with the camp.  Social media came through in a big way and my inbox was overloaded with nothing but positive, personal recommendations for The Pines Catholic Camp.  Ev

How to Teach Children to Pray the Rosary

Teaching Kids to Pray the Rosary This month of Mary, we are reminded of the importance and power of praying the rosary.  Children may often feel overwhelmed with the complexity of praying the rosary since it is made up of many prayers.   Not only do they need to remember several prayers but also what order to pray, how many times and have a decent attention span.  That might seem like a lot to ask of elementary age children or younger.  However, through teaching my own children, I have realized that repetition, explanation and patience are the key. In my third grade religious education class, our lesson calls for us to teach the children about the rosary.  Rather than simply explaining the rosary to my third grade class, we take the time to pray the rosary together as a class.  Through trial and error, I’ve come up with 8 tips to help you teach praying the rosary to kids in a religious education class setting. 1.     Prepare a handout with the words of the prayers they

Finding God in Random MOMents of Grace

Shelly and I are so thrilled to be part of the Blog Tour for fellow contributor, Ginny Kubitz Moyer’s new book, Random MOMents of Grace .   When I read the tagline of the book – Experience God in the Adventures of Motherhood – I knew this was a book for me.  All moms know the crazy that is motherhood and how hard it can be to carve out a little one on one time with God with little people running around.  Ginny has an absolutely beautiful way of weaving personal, mom stories into the bigger spiritual picture.  We are all living our faith in the way we minister to our families, it can just be a little difficult to see at times while we are sleep deprived in the midst of it.  The first sentence I underlined in the book was during the introduction –  “The ability to find God everywhere, even in places like toy-strewn living rooms, is a spiritual muscle that has been a bit flabby up until now.” That put a huge smile on my face.  What a great way to

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