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Power of the Sacrament in Death

Yesterday, our Granny with Alzheimer’s - Dementia moved into hospice care after a brief visit to the emergency room.  It was an emotional day as our mother and father raced back to town from their Anniversary getaway celebration.   Knowing that the end is nearing for our Granny, we asked a priest from a local parish to perform the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. He suggested bringing the entire family to experience the Sacrament, and I’m so glad he did.  Within an hour, they moved Granny by ambulance from the ER back to her nursing care center where the entire family gathered. With all eight adults and nine great-grandchildren, it was a full room. The true power of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick was revealed to my family as we gathered around Granny, laid hands on her, and prayed aloud.  We prayed for God’s will to be done, that if she could not be healed, that she be prepared to enter the kingdom of heaven. We asked for strength for her to make the journey,

Pregnancy Ultrasounds Support Life

Ultrasound Pictures Today marks the 40th Anniversary of  the Roe v. Wade decision.  For many of us in my generation, we've never known a time when abortion wasn't legal.  We've grown up with abortion simply being a part of our culture. But looking forward from this anniversary I see great promise for a renewed focus on life, even while sitting here in Houston in the shadow of the largest abortion facility in the United States.  Though abortion is an accepted part of our society, people are waking up to the truth that a baby in the womb is a really a baby. It is a small life that cannot defend itself and deserves to be protected.  Women are hearing this message through the increased use of ultrasounds during pregnancy.  We can now see our babies clearly while in utero with ultrasounds regularly available at doctors' offices and clinics.  We pass around ultrasound pictures to our friends and family just like we do with our newborn photos, commenting on whose nose

You Are What You Drive

My New Mini-Van with the Kids in 2006 You are what you drive. Do you believe that? Some might find it crass, but in my case, it has been entirely true. When my 3rd baby was less than a month old, I traded in my small cute SUV for mini van mom status. I loved it! With three kids aged four and under, it was a perfect fit for our young family. What could be so wonderful about being a mini van mom? Oh let me count the ways….  Automatic sliding doors. A perfect fit for a baby carrier, and no dinging the car next to you.  14 cupholders!!! Nuff said.  Spaciousness – enough room to let them run around while waiting in a parking lot, big enough they could change clothes before swim lessons and a spot for the training potty when little ones just HAVE to go.  DVD player – With cranky toddlers, there is nothing that a good Dora or VeggieTales video can’t cure.  A trunk to fit groceries AND a big stroller  Safety and security to fit all my babies in their car seats without wo

Top Blog Posts of 2012

Happy New Year!  Can you believe we are at the start of a new year?  Where did 2012 go?   Shelly left her career as an archivist, started a new career adventure and moved closer to me this year.  My year found me working more helping businesses interact with social media while planning my Catholic parish's first Vacation Bible School (VBS) and remaining a stay at home mom to my kids.   One of our top experiences of the year was attending and presenting at the Catholic New Media Conference (CNMC) by SQPN in Dallas, Texas.  We've celebrated the amazing experience of the CNMC in many posts over the years , but this year was very special because Shelly and I had the opportunity to work together on a presentation. Lots of sister bonding for us.     A suggestion today from Lisa & Joel at The Practicing Catholic encouraged me to reflect on our blog posts here at Of Sound Mind and Spirit from 2012.  Not surprising was the discovery that this busy year led to the sm

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