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Getting Past Myself at Advent

Today we welcome Sarah Reinhard as a guest blogger on Of Sound Mind and Spirit to reflect on the season of Advent . -- Every year, I admit to being an Advent dropout. And every year, I have to remember a key point about Advent: it's not about me. It's four weeks during some of the busiest time of the year. It's busy with work (no matter what work it is I do!), it's busy with family (no matter how much I plan for it!), and it's busy in general (no matter how I work ahead!). Writing  a book for your family's use at Advent  does NOT make me an expert. In fact, don't tell anyone, but I haven't yet been able to use my own book with my own family. (Maybe next year.) But it's not about me, right? Doesn't that mean it's not about what devotion we do (or don't do). It's not about how decorated (or non-decorated) our house is. It isn't about whether x, y, and z are done with a bow on top. That means that as long

Advent Challenge

Advent begins one of the most difficult times of the year for me.  I yearn to spend these weeks leading to Christmas preparing my heart for the coming of Baby Jesus and return of Christ.  I want to carve out the time to pray all of the beautiful prayers, read scripture  about the promise of the coming of Christ, and peacefully reflect on the promises the Messiah brings to each of us. In actuality, the hustle and bustle paired with commitments at this busy time of year threaten to overtake my efforts at every  turn. Despite the many amazing Advent resources  - books, apps, and activities - that promise to help me focus on what's important this Advent, it’s still overwhelming.  I need simplicity to make Advent fit into my busy day. At Mass on this first Sunday of Advent, the Archbishop of New Orleans instructed us to make time every day of Advent to listen to what Jesus says to us, that we need to spend a little quiet time recognizing God moving in our lives.  A

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