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Countdown to the CNMC!

THREE!!!   TWO!!! ONE!!!   We're on our way to the SQPN Catholic New Media Conference!!

Back to School with St. Monica

Back to School Praying with St. Monica When I realized today is not only the first day of school in Texas , but also the feast day of St. Monica, I smiled. St Monica is the patron Saint of Mothers and Married Women , but for me, St. Monica is my patron Saint for Modern Mothers , for motherhood today. Living during the 3rd century, Monica struggled with a difficult son who turned away from God.  Rather than giving up or giving in to the tough times she faced as a mom, St. Monica persevered through it all with a devotion to God and constant prayer.  For my family, the spring school semester was filled with difficulty and turmoil as my oldest daughter struggled with anxiety related issues.  As a mom, it was extremely difficult to comprehend what my child was going through but not be able to “fix it” for her, and the doctors couldn't provide a simple solution to make it all better either.  And then there is the mommy guilt.  As her mom, I felt I must have done something wr

Experience Catholic New Media Conference from Home

Attend the Catholic New Media Celebration with a Virtual Ticket A few weeks ago, I shared with you what makes the Catholic New Media Conference different than other social media conferences , but if you can't get yourself to Arlington, TX this next week, did you know that you can enjoy more sessions and workshops with the Virtual Ticket than you would if you attended in person? Crazy, I know. Unless I can figure out a way to clone myself, I can only attend one of the two  concurrent sessions, but with the Virtual Ticket, you get the audio to each and every session at the CNMC .  With the Virtual Ticket, you won't have to choose between attending a panel discussion moderated by Fr. Roderick and a panel discussion led by Matthew Warner , or between SMAS friends Dorian Speed and Sarah Reinhard . You will get to hear all of them! And don't forget these amazing sessions: "Telling the Catholic Story: What Mormons, Protestants, and Atheists Can Teach Us Abou

How do Moderates Pick a Candidate?

What do Indepedent Voters want in a candidate? In less than three months, Americans must decide which direction our country will go. It’s as simple as that. Our country’s two major parties are separated by a gulf of ideological differences. What’s fascinating to me is that there are roughly 20% of American voters who declare themselves independent, that is purposefully unaffiliated with either of the two major parties. Very simplistically, if about 40% of voting Americans are registered Republicans and another 40% are registered Democrats, then there are approximately 20% of voters who pride themselves on not belonging or subscribing to one particular view of either party will decide my future. That got me to wondering how independents discern the appropriate candidate in this election? How do they decide which candidate meets their idea of what’s best for our country? Perhaps they don’t like the hard line of the left or right so they choose to be centrists. I’m very cu

What's on your Bookshelf? Writing to God

This week Lisa wrangles 100+ children and 50+ volunteers for our parish's very first Vacation Bible School (VBS) so she invited her friend Wendy Wharton to kick off today with a look at the book "Writing to God" by Rachel Hackenberg, provided to us by Paraclete Press in exchange for this honest review. Thank you Wendy! Teaching children to give it up to God As a Christian mom I'm always looking for ways to encourage my children and strengthen their relationships with God. In writing this book, the author, Rachel G. Hackenberg gives a child a realistic approach to connecting with God and seeing both herself and her world the way God sees them. Often times a child might keep a journal to express herself but Writing to God goes beyond a simple journal. I feel that the author not only wants the child to see life through God's eyes but to use all of her senses to experience God's creations. This out-of-the-box approach opens the child's mind t

Catholic VBS - Trusting God

In 2 days, my parish begins its first Vacation Bible Study, SKY Totally Catholic VBS from OSV .  Back in May when the idea of a VBS was tossed around, I volunteered to lead it, even though I've never attended one.  Crazy! Totally Catholic VBS from Our Sunday Visitor As we come down to crunch time, it has hit me that taking on this big project is a lesson for me.  The main scripture for our VBS is "For God All Things Are Possible" Mark 10:27 and the main bible point is "Trust God!"  Does that sound prophetic or what?  I stepped into this role unsure of what I was getting myself into and the last three months really have been a lesson in Trusting God.   In this home stretch, I am attempting to turn it all over to God.  To take myself out of it and remember the real reason we hold VBS is to bring the children and us closer to God.  Not to see how many decorations we can put up!   Do you, veteran VBS volunteers or planners, have any last minute advice o

Invited to pray the Hail Mary

Way back in January, about the same time that I returned to work and decided to change jobs, I received an email from Catholic author, Sarah Reinhard , inviting me to contribute to her word-by-word reflection on the Hail Mary prayer. It would start during Lent and my deadline wasn't until the end of June. She assigned me the word - OF .  Seriously. For weeks I contemplated "of".  I looked it up in the dictionary. I prayed about it. I lay in bed at night and thought "of"... "of"... "of."  What could I possibly write about "of"?  Once the series began, I read the other contributions and had several moments of doubt. Eventually I felt called to write what I submitted, though I fretted it was too short, too inconsequential. But Lisa reassured me that it could stand with the others, and I've learned to trust her when it comes to writing. I'm still a little overwhelmed to have been included in this project. The experie

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