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Memorial Day Prayer

Oh Lord, Bless those men and women who served in our military, who have given the full measure of their devotion. Grant them eternal rest with you in heaven. Bless their families, who mourn the loss of their loved one across time. Grant them peace in their hearts. Guide the thoughts and actions of our leaders, Whose decisions directly affect military action. Grant them wisdom and courage to do what is right. Touch the hearts of those who do not serve, That we will never take for granted the enormity of another’s sacrifice. Grant us the means to honor and serve military families with respect. Thank you Lord for this Memorial Day. May we never forget that the freedoms we so casually enjoy, Were purchased with the blood and sacrifice of others. Amen.

A Saint for Modern Mothers

It’s not uncommon that many women, particularly mothers, look to Mary as their role model for motherhood. While I love and honor Mary, there are times I have trouble relating to her.  After all, in addition to raising God’s own son, Jesus, Mary herself was without sin. When I’m in the midst of household chaos and discipline problems, I have difficulty picturing Mary in the trenches alongside me. St. Augustine and his mother, St. Monica (1855) by Ary Scheffer  Lately, my go to Saint for Modern Mothers is St. Monica , mother of St. Augustine of Hippo, a Bishop and early Dr. of the Church.  Raised a devout, pious Catholic woman in Africa during the 3 rd century, Monica married a pagan, struggled in her marriage, and raised a son who embraced an immoral, hedonistic lifestyle before dedicating his life to God.  I myself married a non-Catholic and am raising strong willed, spirited children with an undetermined future. Through these similarities, I can vividly picture Monica de

Mary in the Front Seat

After returning from maternity leave, I surprised everyone –including myself – by changing careers and taking on a new role with the family business. Instead of having a five minute commute, I now drive 45-minutes each way. Faced with the reality of being in the car daily for ninety minutes, I am taking advantage of the time to do things I haven’t had time to do before, like listen to audio books, podcasts, and audio CDs of lectures delivered at church. I also started a new habit. After loading up my smartphone with the Rosary Army podcast , I committed to praying the rosary daily either on my way to work, or on the drive home. Using the RosaryCast MP3 to first lead and now guide me, I’ve learned some of the prayers I’m less familiar with, particularly Hail Holy Queen . I’m also learning the mysteries and trying to really reflect on them during the prayer.  There are days when I pray the words cheerfully. There are days when it feels like a real chore. There are d

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