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Secrets of Once Upon a Time

OUAT Podcast Are you watching the new hit television show Once Upon a Time seen on ABC Sunday nights? Lisa and I are both big fans and our combined interest led to Lisa being invited to be a regular podcaster on the SQPN Secrets of Once Upon a Time . Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, who brought us Lost, are producing an engaging show where our favorite fairy tale characters are trapped in time, in our modern day world, after being cursed by the evil Queen. The storyline balances back and forth between present-day and fairy tale world flashbacks. Clearly a lot of thought and expense has been used in production, with rich costuming and beautiful settings. Multi-faceted characters bring fairy tales to life withcleverly created backstories. If you haven’t seen it yet, the first six episodes are available on Hulu thru January 9. SQPN: StarQuest Production Network , produces several “secrets” podcasts, or audio talk shows available online and via iTunes subscriptions . In these po

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