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Maternity leave observations

After six weeks of maternity leave from both my job and the blog, it’s time to get back to business. While I have a few more weeks before returning to the day-job, I think it’s time to reconnect with the blog. Thank you to everyone who offered prayers and support for me and my family during this transition. You have been in my thoughts and prayers as well. Slowing down is not in my nature, so being still, resting, and accepting the fact that I can’t do as much as I’m used to, proved to be a real challenge. I’ve been working for a library or university as an archivist for 16 years. My daughters are 12 and 9, so it’s been a while since I’ve had a baby or been out of the office for an extended leave. When you’re at work, staying home sounds like a luxury. Oh, to have time to do laundry during the week, or clean the house properly, or read uninterrupted for a long stretch, or spend time writing without distraction. Before delivering, eight weeks sounded like such a long time that the pl

100 Reasons I'm Thankful

This Thanksgiving, Lauren Warner's post, "100 Reasons I'm Thankful" at Sipping Lemonade inspired me to share my own 100 Reasons I'm Thankful.  I'm Thankful for... 1.  Pumpkins. Anything that smells or tastes like pumpkins 2.  Family 3.  Coffee 4.  A hamster named Isabella Fuzzball and a daughter who adores her 5.  iMacs, iPads, MacBooks and the iPhones that rule our household 6.  The examples of the Saints 7.  A comfortable house 8.  The hot Houston summers! 9.  Any rain, no matter how small 10.  Elections every four years 11. Chocolate Chip Cookies 12. Lazy Sunday afternoons spent next to the pool with the family 13. My kids being funny and telling jokes 14.  Family centered neighborhoods 15. Days I can curl up on the couch with a blanket and a good book 16. Pig Latin 17. Rock Band Wii 18. Hacienda Margarita 19. Red wine 20. The wonderful food at Brennan’s of Hou

A Virtual Sisterhood Inspires Love of Life

We hear all the time about the power of new media or social media in today’s culture.  New media refers to much of the online content that people share via email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube….  It is used to connect people, businesses and ideas.  Some people doubt that relationships forged in this virtual world are sustaining and deep; however my experience last week proves otherwise. Almost 14 years ago, I joined an email list of women involved in my college sorority.  Several hundred of us from all over the country, different colleges, of various age ranges and at ever stage of life email each other daily.  At the height of the list’s popularity a few years ago, I could receive 100 emails a day on any given topic.  At first our only connection to each other was simply the bond of our sisterhood. Through the years I’ve become friends with many of the ladies on the list as we got married, weathered natural disasters, rejoiced in the birth of new legacies and supported each oth

Spending Veterans Day with a Hero

I am honored to welcome my husband, Brian Jones, as a guest blogger today on Of Sound Mind and Spirit.    He has supported my writing hobby and the blog for many years, so I am thrilled for him to make his first appearance with his own post.  Welcome Brian. ***************************** Veterans Day has a very special meaning to the members of my family.  On a cold September day in 1950, my maternal Grandfather willfully charged onto the battlefield to save his company from being pinned down under machine gun crossfire. He knew there was a very good chance he would not be able to go home, however, his duty to tend to the aid of the men under his command outweighed any thoughts regarding his own personal safety. Master Sargent J.T. Dunn died that day, Monday, September 11, 1950, a hero.  I never had the privilege of knowing him, although the stories of his selfless acts of bravery have had a dramatic impact on my life.    For this Veterans day, I decided I would spend a fe

Saints for Catholic Moms: Review & Giveaway

For the last two weeks I haven’t accomplished very much, spending most of my time resting and recovering from childbirth. However, while nursing my newborn son, I’ve had Lisa Hendey’s newest publication, A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms , at my side. Written especially with mothers in mind, this book introduces us to 52 saints, chosen to represent various topics found in motherhood ranging from Diligence in Domestic Tasks (St. Zita of Lucca) to Serving as Good Stewards of Our Family Finances (St. Matthew). Each saint is also assigned with an element describing how they nurture mothers in heart, mind, body, or soul. For this project, Lisa pulls in a wide variety of saints, both new and old. Some will sound familiar: The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Bernadette, St. Patrick, and St. Joan of Arc; some may be unknown to many: St. Rose Venerini, St. Margaret Clitherow, St. Alphonsus de Liguori, and St. Maria Goretti. Lisa even included some very recently beautified sai

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