Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2012 Presidential Candidate Watch List - Rick Santorum

For years, I have been watching former Senator Rick Santorum both for his conservative political views and the way he and his wife publicly live out their Catholic faith. Last year I wrote about the Santorums' personal witness to Life through the unconditional and selfless love of their daughter Bella.  

At the recent FoxNews 2012 Republican President Debate, Santorum was asked about Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels' call for a truce on social issues.  I knew we were in for a good response when Santorum started off with the following, "Anybody that would suggest that we call a truce on the moral issues doesn't understand what America is all about."  From there, he showed the correlation between moral issues, Founding principles, and faith in God.
... Rights come from God, and the first of which is Life. The second of which is Liberty.  Those two concepts really transformed the world because it said government was going to be limited, allow people to be free and to pursue their own dreams, to serve their God and to serve their family and community...
With that answer, Santorum showed that Conservatives, Tea Party people, Christians, social and fiscal conservatives all belong to the same group.  Founding principles, Faith and social issues are all tied together.  You cannot sever them and remain true to the Constitution or God.

His response and the passion with which he delivered it put Rick Santorum on my 2012 Watch List for GOP Presidential Candidates.

Who is on your 2012 Watch List for GOP Presidential Nominee?
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