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Catching Up

How did it happen the entire month of May came and passed without my making a single contribution all month? Looking over my calendar, I’ve been buried under a frantic time schedule of work, travel, and pregnancy-related illness. There’s no guarantee that June will be any lighter for me, but I’ll try harder to put up at least one post per week. Just in the last week, there were a couple of notable items in the news I really wanted to highlight. A Papal First In 1969 Pope Paul VI contributed a statement etched onto the silicon disk labeled " Goodwill messages from around the world brought to the Moon by the astronauts of Apollo 11 .” Since that time no Holy Father has ever communicated with astronauts living in the heavens until Pope Benedict XVI’s May 21st . conversation with International Space Station astronauts, orbiting 250 miles above the Earth. Organized by the European Space Agency, the Holy Father addressed and asked questions of the two Italian astronauts and their ten

Blessings on Friday Morning

As my daughter and I head to Mass this morning to pray for so many around us in need, I thought I would share my first audioboo.   The Our Father as prayed by my sweet 4 year old, Birdie .    Listen!   Blessings on this Friday morning.

Struggle and Reward of Teaching the Faith

Teaching the Faith After I stopped dancing in my 20’s due to an injury, people around me suggested I teach dancing to children.  I vividly remember thinking, “no way!”  I wanted to dance, not teach dance.  When my new parish started growing and offering more faith formation opportunities for our children, they invited me to teach religious education .  Again, my mind flashed, “no, I want to learn about my faith, not teach it.”  While at the Catholic New Media Celebration (CNMC) in Boston last August, I met Lisa Mladinich standing at her booth promoting her new OSV booklet , “ Be an Amazing Catechist .”  We spoke for a short while about her booklet, our blogs, and catechesis.  She invited me to join the Catholic Writer’s Guild (which I did) and offered me a free copy of her booklet.  My first reaction was to turn it away since I was not a catechist and had no desire to teach the faith .  However, remembering my parish’s fledgling faith formation program, I accepted a cop

2012 Presidential Candidate Watch List - Rick Santorum

For years, I have been watching former Senator Rick Santorum both for his conservative political views and the way he and his wife publicly live out their Catholic faith. Last year I wrote about the Santorums' personal witness to Life through the unconditional and selfless love of their daughter Bella.   At the recent FoxNews 2012 Republican President Debate, Santorum was asked about Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels' call for a truce on social issues .  I knew we were in for a good response when Santorum started off with the following, "Anybody that would suggest that we call a truce on the moral issues doesn't understand what America is all about."  From there, he showed the correlation between moral issues, Founding principles, and faith in God. ... Rights come from God, and the first of which is Life. The second of which is Liberty.  Those two concepts really transformed the world because it said government was going to be limited, allow people to be free and to pu

Is Faith in God a Winning Strategy on Survivor?

It is rare to find Christianity present on mainstream network reality shows and still rarer to find it presented in a positive light. However,  CBS in their 22nd season of Survivor chose to include one player’s obvious belief in God.   Matt Elrod, a contestant from Nashville, TN , is often shown praying, reading scripture and discussing his Christian beliefs with other contestants. While in past seasons, you might have glimpses of a contestant’s faith, it has never been highlighted in consecutive episodes and with the focus given this year. Matt has done the unthinkable by winning every challenge on Redemption Island so far to remain in the game. He publically attributes his place in the game to “God’s will,” even after being brought back from Redemption Island to join the merged tribe only to be subsequently voted out to Redemption Island for a second time. Last Wednesday, a second player publicly relied on his faith to make an important decision in the game.  Iraq War Veteran, Mike

Beatification of Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II connected with Catholics and Christians for a multitude of reasons. He not only shared Christ's message with the world, but also truly lived God’s will personally. Through his loving example he inspired millions to grow closer to God. His heroic path, holiness, joyful nature and peaceful suffering helped make him a Shepherd of Christians around the world. There is no way to sum up his life and legacy in one blog post; instead, I recommend these sites with their own tributes to the Blessed John Paul to discover what he meant for all Catholics, as well as for each of us personally. SQPN created a special webpage to share Father Roderick and Steve Nelson's experiences through blog, photos, and videos in Rome for the Beatification. In addition, they opened the forum to posted video tributes about Pope John Paul II sent in by the SQPN community. Visit the USCCB website filled with great resources honoring Blessed John Paul II , including his biography, his m

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