Friday, September 3, 2010

Offer a Prayer for the Unemployed

Last week I heard through the grapevine that a family in my neighborhood had lost their job and subsequently lost their home. By the time school started last week, they were living in their car.

This morning I woke up to the news that the National unemployment rates have once again risen to 9.6% with a loss of 283,000 jobs over what the President called, "The Summer of Recovery." In addition to talk of a new possible trillion dollar stimulus bill, President Obama and the Democrat majority in Congress will also impose a $921 BILLION tax hike on families in 120 days.

How is the largest tax hike in American history and a new possible trillion dollar stimulus bill going to help Americans find work? We need jobs. We need lower taxes and fewer regulations on corporations and small businesses so they can expand and hire more workers. Working families need to keep more of their paychecks to save or pay for rising bills.

Unemployment affects all of us in different ways, and we do what we can to help those friends and neighbors who are struggling with unemployment. We donate to food banks, clothing to homeless shelters, and assist with more direct requests in our area. Someone from our church reached out to the family living in a car, offering to share their home.

The most important thing we can all do is to pray for all those in need. While searching for just the right words for a humble prayer, I came across a beautiful Prayer for the Unemployed.
Heavenly Father, giver of every opportunity, please help all those who are searching for employment during these very challenging times. You gave work to mankind as a gift and a way to grow in virtue and grace. Any diligent work offered in service to You can be a path to holiness, and help build up Your Kingdom.
Lord, please give renewed hope to al the unemployed and sustain them in these dificult times. By the prayers and holy example of Saint Cajetan, patron of all job seekers, encourage all those looking for work to persevere and grow in deeper trust of Your unfailing care for them. Increase in them O Lord the gifts of ingenuity, courage and persistence. Through the intercession of St. Cajetan, help all the unemployed find dignified work and a secure living wage. During this time of seeking, may they come to realize that You are all they ever really had, and that You are all they ever really needed. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


  1. Thank you so much for this! My husband just lost his job, and our future is so uncertain. It is amazing how things can changes so quickly...Our anchor is our faith in Christ, Who will not abandon us! God has always provided for us, and I'm trusting He will again - but it is difficult to remember that sometimes.

  2. I like the prayer and appreciate your loving nature, but please, please don't spread untruths about the nature of the fiscal policy at this point. The government has to spend or we will seriously end up in a lost decade like Japan did. And if you spend, then you have to have some tax income increases. It's safe to tax those that make more than $250K a year. I mean, $250K???? Tell a homeless person that the incomes of the $250K and above should be preserved at their expense or that somehow that money would ever ever ever trickle down to them. They call it trickle down economics for a's barely a trickle by the time it gets to anyone low down on the economic ladder.


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