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Paul Ryan's Road Map for America's Future

Representative Paul Ryan from WI stands out in a room of established politicians. He believes it is his responsibility as a Representative of the people to engage in an open and honest debate addressing how to pull our country out of this economic slump and prevent the impending fiscal crisis.

As the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee, Ryan has released a serious proposal taking on Congress’ out of control spending and the massive entitlement programs threatening to bankrupt the next generation. Available online as A Road Map for America’s Future, the plan proposes specific, detailed and difficult changes on a multitude of serious issues. 

Megan McArdle from The Atlantic says of Ryan's Road Map for America, "it is the most honest attempt I've seen by a politician to grapple with the challenges ahead of us."  The Wall Street Journal writer Joe Rago editorializes on the Road Map by stating, "Mr. Ryan is really presenting Washington with a philosophical choice between the status quo of an ever-larger and ever-more indebted government and a plan to pay for the promises we've made while still preserving free markets and economic growth."

The Road Map tackles not only the third rail of politics; Social Security Reform, but also outlines ways to reform Health Care, Medicare/Medicaid, Federal Tax policy, and several other difficult political issues. “[This plan] is a true alternative, and a complete legislative proposal consisting of specific policies supported by Congressional Budget Office estimates of its fiscal and economic consequences.”  

Not only does Mr. Ryan talk about reform, but he actually lays out the specific changes he is proposing.  It is very rare for a politician today to not just rely on short sound bites or popular talking points, but to put out a detailed plan for complete review and critique. The Road Map for America gives you the details you crave. 

Despite the critic's allegations that Mr. Ryan wants to abandon the poor, elderly and those facing financial hardships,  “This proposal does not attempt to abandon commitments Americans established over the past century, or to dismantle government. It recognizes that government has a necessary role in supporting the institutions through which Americans live their lives, and in providing a safety net for those who face financial or other hardships.” 

Ryan’s proposal offers a definitive alternative to the unbridled growth of our federal government, and runs contrary to our current path of out of control spending.  When attacked by a NY Times columnist, who called the plan a fraud, Ryan responded,  “The American people deserve a serious and civil discussion about how to reduce our exploding debt and deficit.”  

He then called out the true intent of the op-ed, “By relying on ad-hominem attacks and discredited claims, Krugman and others are missing an opportunity to contribute to this discussion and are only polarizing and paralyzing attempts to solve our nation's fiscal problems.”  

There are those in Ryan's own party who are fearful of publically supporting or engaging in serious debate on this visionary plan. Though they acknowledge these changes are necessary, they worry the American public will not appreciate or understand the crucial  measures. These politicians prefer to remain vague and nuanced about the changes they would proposed if put back in power this November.

However with the US heading down an unsustainable fiscal path, reaching a new level of debt and spending that promises to overwhelm us and our children’s future, it is time to review and acknowledge these difficult changes that will put our country on a path to financial stability.  We owe it to our children and their future to ask the tough questions and accept the honest, but possibly difficult answers.

We the people, who are frustrated with the rapidly increasing national debt, wondering why our country is headed in the wrong direction, and puzzled by the lack of serious debate vs. childish name calling from our politicians, need to read Rep. Paul Ryan’s RoadMap for America.

We need to share it with others.

We need to contact our Representatives and Senators to tell them we welcome the open and honest debate.  

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