Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Daily Trips to Italy

In honor of Columbus Day and our Italian cultural heritage, I want to share a fascinating Italian resource with you.

Whether you've been to Italy or only dreamed of going some day, you can have a little bit of Italian culture and history arrive in your email box every morning by subscribing to the Italian Notebook. Various contributors provide short vignettes of local history, interesting places, food, wine, archeology, art, etc. on a daily basis.

Each note includes a link to a map of Italy, with all of the notes pinpointed. So if you're planning a trip (for real or only in your mind) and want to see what has been noted about those locales in advance, you can drag around and click on the map to your heart's content. I know nothing about Umbria in Central Italy, but after reading the Italian Notebook, I know where I want to visit one day.

1 comment:

  1. Another reason I love this daily email is that it is very short. It has a lot to say in a very little space with several beautiful photos. You can also click on the web link and read older posts or search by topic or place for specific posts. However, they do need more on Sicily!


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