Thursday, September 3, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Catechists Volunteer to Teach the Faith

Top 10 reasons to volunteer to Teach the Faith
At our Catechist In-Service meeting the other night, our Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator told us her Top Ten Reasons Catechists Volunteer to teach the faith to children.

#10 - Because we care about others.

#9 - Volunteering fills our Need to be Useful, Helpful

#8 - Provides a Sense of Purpose

#7 - An opportunity for Socializing

#6 - Feeling of Achievement

#5 - Teaching is a Challenge

#4 - Demands Creativity

#3 - Develops Leadership

#2 - Allows Self-Expression

And the number one reason why Catechists volunteer is...

#1 - Catechists are responding to a Calling . . . or an e-mail.

Are you volunteering to serve to teach the faith as a Catechist?

Below are a few resources to help you as a catechist. 

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