Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Catholic Foodie

Lisa & I met Jeff of Catholic Foodie at the Catholic New Media Conference last month. I've subscribed to his podcasts and listened to him describe a few of his yummy recipes in that smooth N'awlins accent.

Recently he posted about a Zatarain's Jambalaya Throwdown contest, though he admitted he's never cooked with their product, perferring to invent his own creation. However, he did give away five Jamabalaya kits to lucky commenters.

And I won.

So Sunday night, I treated my family to my own Jambalaya creation using Zatarain's (low sodium) box mix as the base. Yes, I entered the recipe into the contest, though I doubt I'll get any notice. While I'm quite handy in the kitchen, I'm not particularly well known for stunning creations. I'll post the recipe when it's confirmed that I didn't win since posting in advance would actually disqualify me if I was being considered. (Yes, I read the rules.)

But here is a sneak peek at our yummy dinner.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome post, Shelly!

    Ok. Maybe I am a little biased. But I love it!

    I hope your jambalaya was enjoyable. And I look forward to seeing your recipe AFTER the official throwdown is over.

    Until then... Bon appetit!


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