Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Tea Parties

Are you ready for more Tea Parties? What better time than Independence Day?

It's that time again to stand up and be heard by your government and elected officials. Join your fellow citizens this week to protest the historic rise in tax and spending by Congress and the Administration. And with the House passing the largest tax bill in American history, Cap and Trade, last week, there is much to protest.

As the Tea Party protests are truly a grass roots movement, there is not one website or organization that lists all the Tea Parties scheduled for this week. Two sites to start your search are Tea Party Day and Tea Party Patriots, but don't forget to also search on FaceBook and Google to find your local Tea Party. They appear to start on Wednesday, July 1st and run through the July 4th weekend.

If you attend a Tea Party, send me a picture! We will be unable to attend one this weekend and would love to hear about your protest.


  1. Any links to find out who has them and when and where?

  2. There are links to Tea Party Day and Tea Party Patriots in the 3rd paragraph. Those are the best all inclusive sites I've found so far, but many cities also have FaceBook pages for their tea party.


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