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More Tea Parties

Are you ready for more Tea Parties? What better time than Independence Day? It's that time again to stand up and be heard by your government and elected officials. Join your fellow citizens this week to protest the historic rise in tax and spending by Congress and the Administration. And with the House passing the largest tax bill in American history, Cap and Trade, last week, there is much to protest. As the Tea Party protests are truly a grass roots movement, there is not one website or organization that lists all the Tea Parties scheduled for this week. Two sites to start your search are Tea Party Day and Tea Party Patriots , but don't forget to also search on FaceBook and Google to find your local Tea Party. They appear to start on Wednesday, July 1st and run through the July 4th weekend. If you attend a Tea Party, send me a picture! We will be unable to attend one this weekend and would love to hear about your protest.

What to Blog About?

Over the last few weeks, Shelly and I had been considering tightening the focus of topics on our blog. We wondered if we ran off readers by going back and forth between Faith and Politics with a lot of Pro-Life thrown in. It was on our minds while talking to various bloggers and podcasters at the CNMC this last weekend. Could we attract a solid readership if we don't have a narrow focus? Do we need to choose a solid direction and only blog on that topic? I am happy to say that while talking after the CNMC, we've decided not to narrow our focus. One of the things we heard over and over during the workshops was "Write about what interests you and nothing else," "Find your passion. Find your voice. Write about what you love," and "Go with what you're good at." After some time in prayerful reflection on my own passions and interests, I would not be me if I didn't include all three big topics on my blog. Shelly and I created it as a place to


This weekend Lisa & I attended the Catholic New Media Celebration in San Antonio, meeting Catholic podcasters and bloggers who are using Web 2.0 to spread the message of the Gospel throughout the world. Even though we’ve only been blogging for a little over four months we were warmly welcomed. The amazing people behind popular SQPN and iTunes podcasts such as iPadre , Catholic Hack , Catholic Under the Hood , TechnoPriest , Catholic in a Small Town , and Catholic Moments / Catholic Mom were just a few who met and spoke at CNMC09 under the organizational skills of Catholic Family podcaster David Sweeney and the leadership of SQPN founder and award-winning Daily Breakfast podcast host Father Roderick. The conference focused its attention on Father Roderick's mission to follow in St. Paul's footsteps. Everyone greeted one another with true support and interest. Throughout the weekend attendees offered to lend a hand and encourage success. We attended sessions on new media a

Sisters Road Trip to CNMC

This weekend, the sisters of Sound Mind & Spirit are going on a little road trip together to the lovely city of San Antonio TX with our mother. Shelly & I are very excited to be attending the Catholic New Media Celebration sponsored by the Star Quest Production Network, SQPN . The 2009 Catholic New Media Celebration (CNMC) is an international conference which focuses on evangelization of the Roman Catholic faith using New Media. It is a day to Learn, Share, and Explore how New Media can help the Catholic Church in the New Evangelization called for by Pope John Paul II. I discovered SQPN a couple of years ago while searching Catholic sites on the net. While I had recently been given an iPod by my wonderful husband, it never occurred to me that Catholic priests, deacons, and laypersons put out podcasts about faith, family, life, and anything else that might interest you. Then I stumbled on SQPN. A whole new world of podcasts and blogs about our faith was open to me. For the la

Time for Action

If you haven’t done so yet, please take a moment to contact your Congressman tonight and let him or her know that you want a NO vote on the American Clean Energy and Security Act , also known as the Waxman-Markley, or “Cap and Trade,” or Energy Tax. There are a number of reasons why every single person should demand their Representative vote NO on this bill. Let’s look at just a few. Congressional leadership is rushing through this bill. They are calling for a vote tomorrow and do not even have a final copy of the bill ready. The Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit with the goal of increasing transparency in Government, notes that last week this bill was 946 pages and in recent days has grown to 1201 with little explanation for how or why. Will Congress Read Bills Before Voting? The last time Democrats rushed an unread bill over 1000 pages long was the Stimulus Bill. The one that was so desperately required to save our economy and create jobs that they couldn’t stop long enough

Honor their Service Annual Troopathon 2009

A quick plug for a wonderful event, the "Honor their Service" Annual Troopathon 2009 is currently raising money and care packages to honor and support our troops. Move America Forward (MAF) is a 501(c)(3) organization whose focus is on Honoring and Supporting our Troops currently serving our country overseas. In the first Troopathon last year, MAF raised over $1.5 million dollars and shipped more than 10,000 care packages to service men and women serving in the Middle East. In addition to the troopathon, they send offer care packages to troops throughout the year during several holiday seasons. This year, they expect this second troopathon to be even more successful. If you want to show the troops your support and are looking for a way to Honor them for their sacrifice and service, visit their website today, Move America Forward , and purchase a care package of any size. You can personalize a message to be included with your package for the person who receives it. Let's

There is a Choice

I am sitting here choking back tears trying not to sob while reading this article, Choosing Not to Keep the Baby by Lisa Belkin, and its related comments. This 22 year old woman’s story was posted on the NYT parenting blog and after more than 700 comments, the editor decided to follow up by posting the woman’s decision. The post linked is to the woman, Emmie’s explanation of her decision not to have her baby, but to terminate the pregnancy. Reading this upsets me greatly for so many reasons. This woman rationalizes her decision to terminate “Ziggy”, the name given to what she calls her Zygote, through her writing. She conveniently gives her reasons to negate any and all helpful suggestions other people have for her. Emmie goes through her list of problems or difficulties with being pregnant at 22 and about to enter graduate school. Throughout the article, her main lament is that this baby might disrupt her life, her education, and her perceived future. She alleges no one offers “sup

The Impact of Cap and Trade

In October 2007, the Brookings Institute published a paper suggesting a cap-and-trade system as the best short-medium term approach to seriously address climate change. On June 8, 2009, they hosted a preview of a forthcoming report on the economic impact of climate change reduction strategies. Three Brookings experts "analyzed the economic and environmental effects of potential U.S. greenhouse gas cap-and-trade programs, including emissions reduction scenarios that are broadly consistent with the targets proposed by the Obama administration and key committees in the House of Representatives." The economic consequences of cap and trade, including the bill that is currently being considered by Congress, might surprise many of you. The presentation slide show is available in PDF and the charts are quite clear. (Normally I would include snapshots of the graphs, but I'm working today "on the road" and don't have a computer with SnagIt. Click on the link

Remembering D-Day

On the eve of the 65th anniversary of D-Day, I sat watching the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan. Like many, I saw this for the first time in the theater, stunned, and sobbing. Watching the men try to emerge from the Higgins boats on the beach....the door drops open and men are picked off by machine guns until some begin to go over the side of the boats into the water. I had never considered how the bullets pierced the water to strike their victims. I sob at the immense loss of life. How could the great generals make the decision to invade, knowing what the costs would be, without hardening themselves into cold steel, turning off every emotion. And equally amazing that the US did not say, “That’s enough. We’ll lose too many men. It’s too risky.” They knew what freedoms were at risk under Hitler. The occupation of Europe had to end. I wonder, without our soldiers bravery and sacrifice on D-Day, would we have been able to stop the unspeakable savagery of the Holocaust. On

Overwhelming Issues

My sister has been reminding me to write another blog post with all my "free time" before the kids get out of school for the Summer. I explained to her that my heart just hasn't been in the mood to write and comment on politics lately. I'm still paying attention to issues. Trust me, my elected officials wish I would stop calling them! It is just overwhelming how many serious issues there are spinning around at the moment. So many that I can't find the words or energy to blog about them all. My sister, being the great person she is, suggested I make a list of all the issues I am following that make my head explode and post it. So here it is... Pravda article on the demise of American Capitalism The proposed addition of a Value Added Tax or National Sales Tax California's continued fighting over Prop 8, when the people have voted on it twice and the courts have upheld the ban on gay marriage Republican infighting, rather than fighting back on all the spendi

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