Friday, May 15, 2009

Prayers for Notre Dame University

Please take a moment this weekend to offer up prayers for the Notre Dame community as their commencement approaches. May the Lord bless Fr. Jenkins, the graduating seniors, the Notre Dame alumni, the Notre Dame community as a whole and President Obama. We ask that this scandal and controversy lead to a conversion of the heart for President Obama and all other pro-abortion members of this community and for guidance for Fr Jenkins and the Board of Notre Dame to lead this University closer to fulfilling the legacy of its namesake, Our Lady.

If you are not current on the controversy surrounding the Notre Dame Commencement this Sunday, please read my previous post and click through some of the links for the most up to date information.

1 comment:

  1. It was really sad to see the speech go off, anyway. Obama makes me so mad when he tries to play the good guy in light of his dismal record as a pro-abortion politician. I prayed for the babies, especially, but also thanked God for the protesters and their standing up for what He teaches and what they believe.


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