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You're Invited to a Tea Party

Reminiscent of the original Tea Party in Boston in 1773, many cities around the country are holding Tea Parties today for like minded individuals to gather to protest the out of control government spending, responsible citizens footing the bill for freeloaders, and this new generational debt created by Congress. While many people have been feeling this way since passage of the first TARP bill under Bush in Fall 08, it has only been compounded by the recent Stimulus Bill passed earlier this month, and the President's new proposed Budget. Last week, Rick Santelli, a reporter, caught the attention of the masses when he spoke his mind on CNBC . His rant lit a fire under all of us who felt the same way but didn't think anyone was listening. If you haven't seen it, it is a must watch! Rick Santelli's rant on CNBC became a rallying cry. He said there needed to be a new Tea Party and many others agreed. These national Tea Parties are in over 50 cities today, Friday, Febr

Lent is Here

Lent, in current times, is observed by many Protestants as well as Catholics. Obvious outward signs such as ashes on the forehead, fasting, abstinence from meat on Fridays have evolved into a deeper meaning of a time of reflection, sacrifice and conversion. While listening to a Lenten CatholicMoments podcast last year, I heard a great list of 40 Lenten Resolutions. If you are like me and tend to stick with the same resolutions year after year, this list might open your eyes to the possibilities during this period of preparation. The list incoporates both the idea of self -sacrifice and positive sacrifice with adding extra spiritual time as a way to celebrate this time of preparation. It got me thinking of what have been the best Lenten observations for my family over the years.   If you are helping your children celebrate Lent, 2 great places to look for assistance are: Lent is for Children by Julie Kelemen Lenten Adventure by Holy Heros - A free web & email based advent

News to Know

Houston City Council proposes “Credit Score Enhancement Program” If passed, Houston will give up to $3,000 in grants to individuals who are trying to qualify for mortgages through the city’s homebuyers assistance program. This money will be given to individuals to pay off their credit cards, car loans, or other debts to improve their credit score by 10-20 points, allowing them to qualify for another city grant. The city has three programs that provide grants for down payments and closing costs for qualified homebuyers. The most generous one offers a $37,500 grant tobuy a home that costs $135,000 or less, but only in certain disadvantaged Houston neighborhoods the city is trying to revitalize. The city made 130 grants to homebuyers last year and hopes to raise that to 540 in 2009, according to Juan Chavez, manager of the city’s Homebuyers Assistance Program. The money for this grant would come out of the $440K left over from $1.5 million allocated for emergency home and roof repairs

News to Know

Texas Republic News has a post about states reaffirming their US Constitutional rights under the 10th Amendment, which states "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Rep. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) has filed HCR 50 (see text here ) to make a symbolic declaration to the U.S. Congress that Texas believes the federal government has overstepped its bounds in violating state sovereignty. Read their article to see which other states are standing up for themselves under the US Constitution.

Getting involved

Friends, Tonight I'm asking you join me in supporting the Texas State Library & Archives Commission (TSLAC). Those of you who live in Texas know that our state legislature meets biannually, setting the budget for two fiscal years. Each state agency is required to turn in their projected budget and then ask for "exceptional items" - one time requests. The Texas State Archives archival storage facility has been full since 1992 and has been forced to store archival records in less than ideal locations. They desparately need a new facility that will house the overflow and provide them with another twenty years worth of growth. The TSLAC recognizes this need as Exceptional Item Priority #1. Wednesday, February 25, the Texas House Appropriations General Government Subcommittee will hear testimony on the Texas State Library and Archives Commission’s budget. It would be so helpful if you could take a brief moment on Tuesday, February 24 to contact the chair of the Ho

Life: Imagine the Potential

Such a powerful, yet simple message. While I don’t believe this is a controversial message, some believe it is. See the video at the center of this controversy and decide for yourself. This is an inspirational message packaged in a beautiful way. It is a celebration of every life, every baby waiting to be born into this world. is the organization behind the video. Their first video was the most watched political commercial on the internet with almost 4 million views during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. You can see it here . It is equally as moving and eloquent in its presentation. This current ad ran during the Inauguration on BET and was to air again during the Super Bowl last month on NBC . Even being a new organization, they managed to raise the enormous sum required to purchase a coveted ad spot during the big game only to have the ad rejected by NBC because it involved “political advocacy or issues.” At the same time, NBC rejected PETA’s new ad, not f

News Junkie

Hi, my name is Lisa... and I'm an addict... I'm addicted to news. Not celebrity, Hollywood star stuff, but real news. This affliction probably started during high school due to my favorite class, Current World Affairs. Our great teacher, Mrs. Robinson, required us to subscribe and read Newsweek every week. In college, as a Political Science major, I subscribed to the Houston Chronicle, the New York Times, Time Magazine, US News and World Report and Newsweek . And to top it off, I actually read them! My roommates and parents thought I was insane. Maybe so, but it got worse when the internet became a part of normal life. I no longer had to subscribe to specific magazines, but could access the web for so much more information! It is amazing how quick and easy you can find more than you ever wanted to know on the internet! If you are interested in reading more news online, there are lists on the right to some of mine & Shelly's favorite sites that we read routinely. The


How important are words? We learn language from our parents, our teachers, our peers. Our vocabulary grows as we are exposed to new words through reading or listening. When we don’t know the definition of a word, we may look it up in a dictionary for its proper meaning, but more likely we look at context—how the word is being used in the sentence—to discern the intended meaning. What about the word abort? If I say “Abort mission!” it brings to mind the word stop, as in the Disney movie "The Incredibles" ElastiGirl cries out "Mayday! Mayday! India-Golf Niner-Niner is buddyspiked! Abort-abort, there are children aboard this airplane! Abort-abort-abort! Abort-abort!!" Abort means to terminate, or end, prematurely, as in before the intended time. To one of Oklahoma City’s men in blue, the word “abort” meant “kill”, and this misunderstanding could have had serious consequences for a local resident expressing his First Amendment Rights to disagree with the president’s

Catholic Politicians Must Protect Life

Did you hear that Nancy Pelosi, U.S. House speaker and a Catholic, had a private meeting with Pope Benedict today? Read the AP report ... "VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI received Nancy Pelosi, one of the most prominent abortion rights politicians in America, and told her Wednesday that Catholic politicians have a duty to protect life "at all stages of its development." .... While I recognize that Ms. Pelosi’s mind will not be changed, even by the leader of her professed faith, the Pope’s message is there for all of us members of the Catholic Church. It reflects the importance of Life, in an age where Catholics in the public eye flaunt the hypocrisy between their actions and professed membership in our Faith. Most recently, Ms. Pelosi and others, such as Joe Biden and John Kerry, remind the public they are ardent, practicing Catholics when it is advantageous, but then speak against and publically misrepresent Church beliefs and precepts when it suits them. The


Welcome to Of Sound Mind and Spirit During the last election year, Lisa and I traded emails, news links, and musings on the myriad of issues facing our world. We debated, we reasoned, we traded quips and sarcasm. Although we both keep family blogs, those weren't really the place to share our thoughts with others. Facebook has allowed us to reconnect with friends of all backgrounds, but it's not really the place to do more than link to news items that capture our attention. Here we hope to fill that gap we feel is missing. A few things about us: we're both Catholic, raised during the late 70s, early 80's era of "lost Catholics". After 12 years of CCE we can't recite the cathecism and we may not be able to discern the difference between a mortal and venial sin, but we know that "God Loves Us. " It has been as adults, as mothers, raising our children in the Catholic church, that we are experiencing a return to our faith, a need to delve more deep

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